SSSI & HLS Land, with plan

SSSI & HLS Land, With plans

The manor is proud and privileged to have a part of the common land designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The common land owned by the Manor of Rochdale designated SSSI are to the east of the borough covering the common land around Blackstone Edge and Warland. The land has spectacular peat bogs with rare and exciting landscape, vegetation and wild life including the rare Twite which requires well managed upland moorland for successful breading.

As part of an association with Natural England parts of the eastern commons have benefited from funding through the Higher Level Stewardship schemes. With the agreement of the Commoners who have grazing rights The numbers of grazing sheep and cattle have been limited and relocated during the winter and breading times. This is to establish areas of protection for the moorland used by the Twites. Further to this management of the moorland vegetation cover and building of fences, walls and paths have enhanced the overall appearance of these commons.

The HLS is an on gong 10 year programme which we hope will continue to have funding.