Wind Farms

Wind Farms

Wind Farms


The Manor of Rochdale is one of the landholders associated with the current 26 turbine wind farm situated to the North of the Rochdale Borough on Scout moor plus 5 turbines on Todmorden moor and 11 on Crook moor.


Wind farm aspects


There are mixed views on wind farm developments but in reality these are no more intrusive than the substantial number of electrical towers and conductors over the Rochdale Borough.  Wind farms are a valuable source of direct and indirect income to the Rochdale Borough.


Direct Income


Whilst the Lord of the Manor receives royalty payments for the use of the land, the wind farms have a commitment to maintain and improve the moorland surrounding them. The quality of water which feeds directly into the reservoirs around Rochdale must also be maintained. The wind farms create a substantial source of income to the Rochdale Borough in the form of business rates. These increased significantly as the wind farms on Todmorden and Crook became operational.


Indirect Benefits


The construction, maintenance and servicing of the wind farms create significant numbers of jobs in the construction industry and these will be ongoing for the twenty five year terms of the wind farm contracts. With the creation of jobs, local businesses including hotels, B&B’s, restaurants and cafes receive a benefit on a daily basis not only during construction but also as a result of the ongoing servicing and maintenance contracts.


Further benefits have been seen within the property rental market. Wind farms and in construction hire businesses involved in the building of fences, roads and other infrastructure features


One further indirect benefit is the Manor land provides essential catchment land for United Utilities, providing a source of drinking water for the Rochdale Borough and also water for the Rochdale Canal.

Scout Moor

The Manor is one of the land owners associated with the current 26 turbine wind farm situated to the North West of the Rochdale Borough.

Crook Hill

Completed in summer 2015, and comprising 11 turbines.

Todmorden Moor

Completed in June 2014 it started producing energy for the grid in September 2014, from 5 turbines.

Rooley Moor

Planning was submitted in September 2014 for 12 turbines but this was allowed to lapse because of the law that effectively blocks the development of wind farms in England, but not in the rest of the UK.