Rooley Moor

Rooley Moor


A planning application has been submitted in September 2014 for 12 Turbines to be situated adjacent to the Scout Moor wind farm. A proposal by Peel Holdings is being considered for the expansion of Scout Moor; however the two applications are separate with majority of the wind farms on the Scout Moor expansion, which are to the north of Rossendale Council land.


In the event that planning permission is granted it is anticipated that there will be significant employment opportunities as well as implementing a long term aim to protect, and where possible improve the environment on Rooley Moor. It is hoped that out of this process will be the repair of Rooley Moor road, where concrete and asphalt have been used to patch holes in the past. There will be considerable financial benefits to the community as the wind farm will secure significant rates income and a large community benefit fund for the borough will be established.


Rooley Moor Road has long been an iconic view to the north of the town and the plans recognise this. Horse riders, mountain bike riders and walkers have had their existing and future needs incorporated in the planning application as well as a robust proposal to protect the environment from illegal moor use.




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