Crook Hill

Crook Hill


Summer 2014 saw the start of the construction of Crook Hill wind farm compromising of 11 new wind turbines situated to the North East of Rochdale. The wind farm will have similar income advantages to the Scout Moor wind farm generating rates payable in the region of £300,000 each year.


Agreements with the operator have established measures to control illegal motor bike and 4x4 vehicles and control and eradication of illegal dumping. The operator will use stone from the quarries on the moors to form the roads required for the wind farm, which will minimise the need for outside aggregate for the wind farm construction. The final chapter will be the reinstatement of the quarries to open moor land free of the unsightly and hazardous rock faces and spoil heaps that have probably existed for over 100 years. An additional advantage of this use and reinstatement agreed as part of the planning process, included that any further quarrying from these two quarries will no longer be sanctioned.

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