Common Land & Grazing

Common Land & Grazing


All of the Manor of Rochdale Moors are Common land, available to the public to enjoy and the Manor and encourage members of the public to enjoy the open spaces. To be able to walk, cycle and horse ride over them and appreciate the wonderful views from the Moors.


On all twelve moors local farmers have commoner’s statutory grazing rights that have been passed down from generation to generation. It means that the Lord of the Manor has no control over the grazing and stocking of the moors, which has led to the decline in heather. A long term aim would be to see if heather regeneration can be achieved. The programme on Walsden Moor, Blackstone Edge Moor and Bleaked Gate Moor above the M62, with English Heritage is designed to help this regeneration and to encourage the habitat of the rare Twite birds and other species.



The common land is also unfortunately a site of some anti-social and illegal activity including the use of off road vehicles, 4x4 cars, trail bikes and scramblers. There is also occasional fly tipping, which becomes an eyesore for others, who wish to enjoy the moors. These activities are actively being discouraged by the Manor with the help of the local authority and police and any help from members of the public would be very welcome.

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